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How Sophisticated Is Your Guy?

giantdate1 How Sophisticated Is Your Guy?

Growing up with strict parents their expectations were always high especially when it came down to the man I was dating. It doesn’t make life any easier when their both physicians and our household was full of expensive wines and pictures of their many vacations. My sister and I were private school preps who excelled in lacrosse. I always remembered feeling like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” when I’m around them. All thats fine and dandy but if your in search of a sophisticated guy, here are areas I lacked, but you can help him with along the way to turn your so- so guy to so sophisticated he’ll make your dad proud!

Wine Knowledge Is A Plus

I attended a wedding a few weeks ago, next to me were these gorgeous single guys. I decided to make my move but once again my wine ignorance got the best of me. I’m holding my empty glass of wine and the waiter comes by and asks “Would you like more Merlot?” I confidently said, “No, that’s OK, I’m drinking red.” One of the cuties there awkwardly smiled, and walked away. I have learned now that on dates to be upfront and admit that I know NOTHING about wine when the menu’s are handed out.

Manners & General Knowledge

I know I would fail a fancy dinner manners quiz.

At least I have enough discipline to wait for others before eating, although it took me a while to understand this rule.  At the wedding for instance, I didn’t realize that the “bridal party” was for both bridesmaids and groomsmen, and so many photographs were taken without me because I never budged when we were all summoned to pose for a picture.


Don’t ask me to quote Hemingway, because I’ll think your talking about a bird or something. I know books and art that I’m interested in, but I don’t learn about stuff I’m not interested in. If someone gets in my face and says “Do you know that this and that is happening here and there?” I simply say “No I don’t , and I really don’t know how to solve it.”

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